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Sorry for not uploading!

2017-08-02 15:27:47 by SyllArtemis

Yeah sorry for kinda disappearing. I have been struggling with drawing, reason why there hasn't been any activity from me. However if you still want to take a peak see at my trash, follow me on twitter.

There's plenty of stuff there that you guy's haven't seen I'm sure. A lot more doodles and incomplete stuff. As well as some personal things but I'm working on fixing it. <3 Thank you for sticking around. I hope to work on art again soon enough.



Let me know! Throw out some ideas :>

New and already leaving!

2017-05-03 18:07:33 by SyllArtemis

I wont be uploading for a while! Mainly because I'm going off to a cruise on the 5th of this month and will be returning the 11th. And then even then it usually takes me a while to upload a lined and full colored piece thats worth uploading! Sorry for disappearing so soon after joining :'> promise I'll make it up some howwww. Idk what yet, but.. somehow lol.


2017-05-02 14:17:59 by SyllArtemis

Wh-... Where did you all come from so fast?!?