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What kind of stuff are yall interested in seeing?

2017-05-24 01:48:28 by SyllArtemis

Let me know! Throw out some ideas :>


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2017-05-24 02:06:01

Maybe some music?

SyllArtemis responds:

That I can't do :' )


2017-05-25 12:02:55

How about a buff dude?


2017-06-19 15:26:05

Maybe some of your oc's in a sort of mmorpg type of way? set up like it's them on one side of the screen, dressed up in their class holding the weapons appropriate for their class, and on the other side a couple of monsters that could be like the level 1 monsters, or slime monsters... or whatever monsters.

Sorry if that was confusing, but if you understood it, I think it'd be a cool idea!

SyllArtemis responds:

This is not a bad idea! Hmm.. I think I have someone in mind for something like this. Thanks for the idea! <3


2017-07-03 15:27:01

Took me a few minutes... how about a dark-age pub wench, serving in a modern Hooter's style restaurant? Setting has just as much influence as the subject matter, or somthin, anywho vary things up in time, space, location, even distance

SyllArtemis responds:

Ooo.. this. I like this. I'm taking this <3 thanks!


2017-07-17 19:49:06

Yeah, just imagine a tan, rough and ready woman serving a bunch of pasty, out of shape males, even some of the other servers are a bit wary, as the wench looks both amused and revolted at the clientele, with a hint of scheming... or is that just keeping the upper hand?